Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Finding recordings of conversations

Enable recordings

To enable call recording, you must check at least one of the boxes found in:

  • Operators: “Record communication (incoming/outgoing)”
  • Groups: “Record communications”
  • Numbers: “Recording”

Find recordings

Each call has a unique ID. This will allow you to find it in the Voice Management statistics, so as to access all of the information concerning the call.
You can find your sounds via:

Statistics: in the “stats” tab you can find all of your cold statistics from your contact centre, as well as all of the recordings of the various calls.
Sounds: in the “sounds” tab”, under “recordings”, you will be able to sort calls, in particular according to their ID, in order to find the one you want to listen to again.
As an administrator, you can request the ability to delete recordings. This is a permission assigned by Axialys. If, as an administrator, you do not have the ability to delete a message, you can request this permission from our Axialys team.
By default, call recordings are saved on a rolling 30-day basis. To increase this time period, please contact your commercial contact.