Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Integrate a menu into the IVR

To set up a menu, that is, a selection that the caller will be able to make using the keys on his/her phone in order to speak directly to the appropriate service, create a step and select the “Menu” stage.

The first block will allow you to set up the selection of the various sounds associated with the menu:

  • “Menu sound”: From the drop-down menu, select the sound that will be displayed to explain the various menu keys.
  • “Sound in case of error”: Set a message to be played if the person makes an error by pressing a non-assigned key. You can decide the number of times this message will be played by selecting a number in the drop-down menu of the “Max. number of attempts” field.
  • “Sound in case of no input”: If the caller does not select a key, you can elect to play a particular message, as well as defining the “time prior to activation”.


You will then be able to link the correct step to the correct telephone key. You must make sure that the keys correspond correctly to the sound that you have defined under “Menu sound”. All of the keys are represented in the first column of the table. The second column allows you to set a sound that will be played when the caller presses the corresponding key. The third column allows you to listen to the sound selected in column two. The fourth and final column allows you to select the step to which to transfer the call, depending on the key selection.

Option Description
Sounds in case of timeout
This is the message that will be played if the caller has not performed any action
Timeout period
Length of time the IVR waits for an action (to be configured in seconds)
Interruptible menu
Check the box if the menu can be interrupted by an action on the part of the caller. Example: the caller knows that he must make “selection 3”, and therefore does not want to listen to the entire menu.
Play key selection
Check the box if you only want the platform to play the key selection in the case of a message via a menu (therefore does not concern the “Menu sound” field)
Play error sound on final attempt
Check the box if you want the error message to be played on the final attempt
Default step
Step to which the calls will be forwarded in case of a timeout or error

Tip: You are not obliged to select a sound for each key.