Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

SAML Authentication & Voice Management

In order to add an extra layer of security when connecting Voice Management users, you can use SAML authentication.
You will need to provide Axialys with a set of data to implement this protocol.
In the Voice Management administrator interface, the operators’ email addresses and CDMs must be the same as those configured in your server.

1 - Parameters provided to the client by Axialys:

○ Entity ID
○ Signed response [yes/no]
○ Name identifier
○ Name ID format

2 - Parameters provided to Axialys by the client:

○ The metadata as an XML file. Be careful not to send an XML file edited with Windows tools, as this will not be compatible with our tool.
○ If you are integrated with a CRM, for example, please provide us with the Plugin.