Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Transfer API

1 - General information

The transfer lookup API allows you to retrieve all the information related to the transfers made by agents via our voice management solution.

2 - Constraints

This API is based on the REST constraints. The data is provided in JSON format.
You must obtain your login data from your Axialys representative.

2.1 - Query format

Queries must be formatted as follows:


Regarding the format of the parameters:

  • phone numbers should be entered in the E.164 format (i.e. country code followed by the national number, for example 33145420000 for a Parisian number).
  • dates should be entered in the ISO 8601 format. However, our system will accept the most common variations, including the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format

2.2 - Response format

Responses are provided in the default JSON format, unless the query is from a browser, in which case the data is presented in HTML format. HTML. To force a JSON response, add the following parameter:



Please note that the JSON response is likely to contain additional data the event that the API has evolved. You do not need to take it into consideration.

3 - General information

3.1 – Retrieving transfer data

URL /voice-management/transfers

The following parameters are possible:

Data returned

The data returned includes the input parameters as well as the following data: