Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Prohibiting certain numbers for transfers

You can prohibit transfers “to an external number” via the operator toolbar, for certain numbers.
Go to your administrator interface, “Operators” tab. Click on the “Transfers” sub-tab.

You will be able to link numbers to groups. The operators in the selected groups will no longer be able to transfer calls to these groups.

Click on “Add”. Enter the number to be prohibited for transfers in the “Number” field , then select the groups affected by this ban. You can set this ban either to active or inactive. Once the form has been filled in, click on “Validate”

A summary table is displayed on the home page. You can easily search for a prohibited number using the filter field (1).
For each number, you can delete (2) the corresponding row to cancel the ban, or edit the configuration of the ban on the number (3).