Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Description of statistics: Outgoing call campaign

Find here all the data usable in the statistics static on data related to outbound call campaigns.

Statistics are saved for 18 rolling months.

1 – Campaigns - Campaigns

Name # Waiting Hit (%) Failure (%)
Campaign name
Number of calls
Waiting time during the campaign
Percentage of calls answered
Percentage of unanswered calls

2 – Campaigns - Details

Name Break Recording Number Type Variables Ringing duration Trials Duration of attempt Deallocation timeout Date (min) Date (max) Time (min) Time (max) Group Operator Step Submitted Assigned Assigned to Status
Campaign name
Pause activated (1) or not (0)
Recording enabled (1) or not (0)
Numbers called
Automatic or Manual
Variables added in the campaign
Ringing time configured
Number of trials configured
Configured Retry Duration
Deassignment timeout configured
Start date
End date
Start Time
End Time
Groups set up to campaign
Operators configured to run the campaign
Sending headings of the campaign
Campaign submission
Campaign Assignment
Campaign Manager
Campaign in progress, or pending

3 – Campaigns - Summary

Period # requests # processed #Ok #No action Reactivity
Campaign date
Number of requests
Number of calls handled
Number of calls answered
Number of unconnected calls
Campaign time