Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Setting up a Callback on your IVR

You can offer people calling your service the option of receiving a callback if the group is not responding, if there are already too many people waiting…
To set up a callback request on your IVR, please go to your administrator interface, and to your “Steps”.

Choose the IVR on which you would like to set up a callback request and add a “Callback” stage at the desired point.

Title Action
Define the group that will respond to calls coming from the Callback request
You can link a campaign to a Callback. In particular, this will allow you to activate the "Cancellation of the request in case of recent interaction with contact" option (Outgoing calls management module). If a caller requests a callback, but there is contact with an operator prior to the callback, then the caller will not be called back via callback. The configuration of Callback will take priority over the configuration of the campaign.
Manual: the operator must launch the call Automatic: the call is launched automatically on the agent’s toolbar
The Callback will only take place during the stated timeslot
Title Action
Start of the call
How much time passed before the call after the request was made by the caller
Max. number of days
How many days the callback request will be active for
Max. number of attempts
How many attempts will be made to call the contact
Auto. callback time
Time between two calls
Max. ringing time
Ringing time between each call
Duration of attempt
For how long will the caller’s phone be allowed to ring
Time prior to reallocation
After how long will a number be reassigned to another agent if the callback is not made
Country-based number plan
Consideration of the format of the numbers
Priority to be given to this Callback in relation to others

You can leave default audio messages or your own messages. This will correspond to various phrases heard by the caller during his/her callback request.
The default dialogue is as follows:
– Please enter your telephone number, followed by the hash key,
– Thank you. Your request has been noted and we will call you back as soon as one of our agents is available,
– If this is correct, press the 1 key,
– To correct it, press the 2 key,
– We will call you back on XX XX XX XX XX.
The “Message if callback pending” message is the message the caller will hear if there is already a callback request recorded for his/her number. It is not actually possible to have duplicates in the list of numbers to be called back.