Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Managing alerts on the supervisor interface

To configure alerts on your call centre tool, go to “Alerts” in the group section

On the first page, you will see a summary table of all the alerts that are already active.

To add an alert, click “Add”

1 – Types of alerts and their thresholds

Choose which types of alerts you want to set up on your supervisor interface:
Insufficient number of connected operators: Enter a minimum threshold for the number of operators that are connected in the group; if it falls below this, you will receive an alert.
Queue of people waiting exceeds limit: Enter a maximum threshold for the number of people waiting in the group.
Number of missed calls exceeds limit: Enter a maximum missed call threshold for the group.
Once you have set up the alert type, fill in the threshold for it.

2 – Triggers

Define the triggers you want to associate with the alert. You can tick one or more triggers.
Email: Receive a start and end of incident email.
Web service: Manage alerts via the web service.
Visual alert: The alert’s box will be highlighted in red when it is triggered.
Sound alert: When the alert is triggered, your supervision interface will sound an audible alert. Please note: For the sound alert to be active, you must click at least once in your supervision interface to hear the alert sound.

3 – Groups

Associate groups with alerts and their triggers.
Both operator count and queue alerts are real-time alerts. The lost call threshold alert will only be triggered once since as soon as the lost call threshold has been reached, it will only be reset to 0 when the interface data is reset.