Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

API IVR variables

1 - General information

The API for consulting variables in the IVR allows you to retrieve all the information related to the variables configured in the IVR

2 – Formalism

This API is inspired by the REST formalism. Data is served in JSON format.
You must obtain your authentication data from your Axialys contact.

3 – Format of requests

Queries will be of the form

Note regarding the format of the parameters:

  • telephone numbers are expected in E164 format (i.e. country code followed by the national number, for example 33145420000 for a Parisian number).
  • dates are expected in IS0 8601 format. However, our system will accept the most common variations, including YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.

2.2 – Response format

Responses are provided in JSON format by default unless the request is made from a browser, in which case the data is presented in HTML format. To force a JSON response, add the parameter


Attention, the JSON response is likely to contain additional data, in case of evolution of the API. Do not consider it.

3 - General information

3.1 - Method GET

URL /variables
Requests should be made in the form
Input parameter
Setting Example Format Description
IDs of call(s) to search

3.2 - Method POST

URL /variables
Requests should be made in the form
The JSON to put in the POST request would be in the form: [<Idappel>,<Idappel>]

Data returned

    "app": "axialys-com",
    "version": "preprod",
    "datetime": "2023-03-17T14:34:25.059622",
    "timestamp": 1679060065.059622,
    "timezone": null,
    "code": 200,
    "status": "success",
    "data": [
            "call_id": 95334828,
            "variables": {
                "fvff": "1234"
            "call_id": 95334829,
            "variables": {
                "feverarffrazfarz": "1234563212",
                "saisie": "2354",
                "abc": "1234567892"