Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Generating a WebCallBack link

1 - What is a WebCallBack link

A Web Callback link will enable you to create and provide your customers and contacts with a web page so they can call you directly from an internet browser.

You can set up this callback page so they contact you via a centrex account or on your Voice Management solution (IVR, Group, etc.)
This extremely useful link can be added to a website or even an email signature!

2 - Creating the URL

You have the option to create the URL you want, and there are two options for this:
You have your own subdomain name. You need to configure your DNS server to point to our two machines:
{subdomain} IN A
{subdomain} IN A
You do not have your own subdomain. This means you have the option of choosing between the following domain names:
Your address will be for example: .onsappelle.audio
To configure the domain name, contact your Customer Success Manager at: [email protected]. This step is mandatory

3 - View/Edit links

To access your Web Callback links, go to your administrator interface and click “Callback link“.

1 – See the complete list of all your numbers attached to a URL link
2 – 3 – Add a new Web Callback page
4 – Find the list of your Web Callback pages that you can edit

4 - Add a Web Callback link

When you click “edit” or “add”, an interface enables you to configure this new page:

Title Action
Choose one or more numbers (click and drag the mouse over the numbers you want) then click “Add”. For each number a “Specific” line is added
URL customisation
This field is mandatory and unique for each number. This is what will be displayed after your URL. Ex: .onsappelle.audio/
Name that will display on the tab name
URL link show you can display your photo or avatar on the banner (max size: 96x96px )
Contact name
Name that will appear on the CallBack banner
Undo configurations
Automatic call start
When the user arrives on your Callback page, the call will start automatically
Enable video
Enable the user to make a video call (Beta version, contact your Customer Success Manager: [email protected] if you want to activate it. Using video may incur an additional cost)
Show Dialpad
Display the Dialpad on your Callback banner
Customising the caller's number
Enable the internet user to display their number on the telephone receiving the call. If the user doesn’t customise their number, the service number will be displayed instead
Customise your banner’s graphic interface
Logo URL
Display your company logo (max size: 328x40px)
Display text on your banner (ex: your status)
Enable or disable this Callback

Remember to first choose the number or numbers that you
want to create a Web Callback page for and click “Add”
so that you can then configure the desired URLs for each of them. Page
creation is not immediate, you must wait 10 minutes
before it is active.

5 - Using the Callback banner

Each of the Web Callback pages thus created will have a banner that gives the internet user browsing them a means of contacting you.

1 – Company logo for customisation
2 – Avatar for customisation
3 – Contact name
4 – Text for customisation
5 – Customisation of the caller’s number
6 – Dialpad (Enable/Disable)
7 – Customisation of the URL
8 – Title
How the banner works

When the user arrives on the page, they can (depending on your settings) call with just one click.

In audio call, so by clicking on the green phone

In video call, so by clicking on the red camera

They enter into communication, and the time of the call is logged.

When the call ends, a “thanks for the call” message is played.