Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Integrating DESK with VoiceManagement

Beforehand, Axialys must give you VoiceManagement’s unique address so you can configure it in your DESK interface.

Go to the “admin>site setting” section and tick “phone integration”. Then go to the “channels>phone” section and activate “phone calls enable” in the general section. Then in the “channels>phone” section and in the integration section enter the address provided by Axialys in the settings. Please note, you must also select all the accounts that require access to VoiceManagement.

From this point onwards, the popin should be available in the next generation desk interface. If you are not automatically logged into the interface, then the user does not exist in the Axialys extranet. In that case, you must then add the operator to the “VoiceManagement>Operators>Add operator” section, making sure that you enter the same email address as the one used by the agent to connect to DESK.