Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Outgoing calls by call campaign

1 - From the Administrator interface

The Voice Management campaign mode allows you to automatically generate calls from the operator toolbar. In order to set up an outgoing calls campaign, you can go to the “Campaigns” tab.

In the “Add a campaign” tab, you can generate a campaign by filling in the following information:

Title Description
Of the campaign
If the campaign can be placed on a break
If calls are recorded
Cancellation of the request in case of recent interaction with contact
If a caller requests to be called via callback but there is contact with the operator prior to the callback, then the caller will not receive a callback.
Assign priority to this campaign over others
Manuel or automatic
Specify which operator will execute the campaign
Specify which group will execute the campaign
Start date
Of the campaign
End date
Of the campaign
Start time
Of the campaign
End time
Of the campaign
Addition of variables, if necessary
Timeout of auto. calls
Time between two calls
Sound played to the operator prior to outgoing call (*)
When you choose a sound, the operator will hear this sound before each call within the campaign.
Ringing time
Ringing time between each call
Number of attempts
Number of attempts made to call the number before it is assumed that it will not be answered
Duration of attempt
How long the call recipient’s phone is allowed to ring
Deallocation timeout
The length of time after which a number is connected to another agent, if the agent in question has not been called
Callback notification (2)
Configure a sending delay after setting up the campaign as well as the content of the SMS. This allows you, when you set up a callback, to send an SMS after a delay in order to inform the caller that the callback has been taken into account, for example.
Numbers to be added
Number(s) to be called

(*) Note, if you import your campaigns via a CSV file, please fill in the “Sound” column with the ID of the sound, which you can find in the “Sounds” tab of your administrator interface.

It is also possible to set up a campaign by directly importing a list of numbers to be called via CSV files.

(2) If it is possible to modify the SMS message once the campaign is created, it is not possible to set up the SMS once the campaign is created. In addition, there may be a delay of one to two minutes between the moment the SMS is sent and the moment it is actually received.

2 - From the operator toolbar

When the campaign gets underway, the operator toolbar will generate outgoing calls depending on whether you have configured a manual or an automatic campaign:

  • Manual type: it is up to the operator to press “Call” in order to launch the call.

Automatic type:  the operator toolbar will place the call without any action on the part of the operator.