Voice Management Guide

The Voice Management user guide

Voice Management homepage

Log into your administrator interface, click on “Voice Services” and you will find the Voice Management homepage.

1 – Quick links to features

In order to access the various features of Voice Management, you can use the menu on the left, which will be visible from whatever page you are on. The same applies for links displayed on the Voice Management homepages.

In this menu, you also have access to the Voice Management “Documentation”.

2 – Axialys recordings certificate

Clicking on this link will download a PDF with all of the information regarding the configurations for the recordings of your calls. You have the ability to set up a recording via the operator, the group or the telephone number. This is what will, or will not, appear on this document, along with the period of time for which the information should be saved prior to deletion.

3 – Holidays

You can view a list of all of the holidays in several countries. You can choose to display all holidays or those that are pending. To find a particular country, enter the following information in the “country” field:

  • DZ = Algeria
  • AU = Australia
  • DE = Germany
  • BE = Belgium
  • BR = Brazil
  • CA = Canada
  • DK = Denmark
  • ES = Spain
  • US = USA
  • FR = France
  • IE = Ireland
  • IT = Italy
  • MA = Morocco
  • MX = Mexico
  • NZ = New Zealand
  • NL = Netherlands
  • PT = Portugal
  • GB = United Kingdom
  • CH = Switzerland
  • TN = Tunisia